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When Alem came to Hasiet’s Vision in 2015 she was a twelve year old  girl. Her mother had passed away about a year prior to that.  Her father is a poor farmer who farms near Gonder Ambagiwrgis.  He is raising Alem’s four siblings.

Alem lives in Bahir Dar with her aunt who is her father’s sister.  Her aunt is a sixty-eight year old senior citizen.  She tries to makes ends meet by selling hand made blankets called Gabi.  However, the income she gets from the blanket sale is not enough to pay rent and buy food so she has to rely on the generosity of people who help her from time to time.

Ever since Alem started  receiving assistance through Hasiet’s Vision Her life has been transformed.  Now she doesn’t have to worry about what to eat each day and how to survive from day to day. Rather she has been able to focus on her Studies. Alem is an exceptional student. She ranks second out of fifty-five students in her class.



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