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When Eyrusalem came to Hasiet’s Vision in 2015 she was five and lived with her grandmother. Both her parents left her with her grandmother, Mrs. Amognesh, when she was a baby and their whereabouts was unknown.  Mrs. Amognesh was a sixty year old senior citizen  who was raising  three grandchildren.

At the time Mrs. Amognesh did not have any income.  In the past she  made ends meet by doing various odd jobs such as, washing people’s cloth, making injera,  and other day labor type of work.  When we found her in 2015, she did not have the energy to work any longer, due to her age and her health issues.  She had been bedridden due to her ailing leg for six months.  In those months she had been homeless for a while but had finally found a small hut that is halfway built to live in along with her three grand children, Eyrusalem, Ashenafi, and Bamlaku.   Mrs. Amognesh has passed away since and the children are still living in the hut on their own.  Now a neighbor watches over them and cooks for them.

All three children are being sponsored by Hasiet’s Vision.  Despite their circumstances they are all able to go back to school because of the assistance they receive from Hasiet’s Vision. Eyrusalem’s future looked grim and uncertain but now she has hope and a stable and brighter future.


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