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When Dawit came to Hasiet’s Vision he was eight years. His father has passed away and his mother has remarried. Therefore, Dawit lives with his older half sister Netsanet in Bahir Dar. Netsanet was only eighteen years old, she was in the eights grade.

Netsanet makes ends meet by polishing shoes.  In addition to Dawit she is responsible for raising two of her sisters.  At this time she is struggling to support her siblings so they live in destitution.

Netsanet herself is a young girl that needs someone to support her to continue her education.  However, the responsibility of caring for her dead mother’s daughter and her dead father’s son has fallen on her.

Dawit is now being sponsored by Hasiet’s Vision.  Dawit’s future looked grim and uncertain but now he has hope and a stable and brighter future.

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