Hasiet’s Vision is an alliance of Christians who are devoted to care for children and families in poverty by meeting their spiritual, physical, economic, and social needs to help them grow up to be fulfilled adults.

The Crisis

50% of the Ethiopian population is under the age of 18

The HIV/AIDS epidemic causes the number of orphan children to be high

An estimated 5 million children are either orphaned or abandoned.

There is no safety net for many of these children

Extremely few government services help orphans and abandoned children. The primary coping strategy for communities has therefore been the extended family. Increasingly, however, the capacity of the extended family to support the growing numbers of orphans is declining. Causing a steady increase in street children

Street children are continuously exposed to various forms of exploitation. They do not have access to basic rights such as access to proper care, education, psychological support and supervision.

The Hasiet’s Vision Model

The Hasiet’s Vision child sponsorship program is a sustainable model to help solve the crisis of orphaned and abandoned children.  By working with local church leaders, we identify children who are at greatest risk.  Many of these children are orphans who live with extended family or children who live with a single parent that has no or very little income.

Partnering with individuals who would like to sponsor a child, we are able to provide the children with shelter, food, clean water, education and healthcare for only $35 per month.  The children will also be given an opportunity to hear the good news of the Gospel.

We have a team on the ground who make weekly home visits, provide counseling both for the children and for their caregivers, manage the assistance each family receives and monitors the progress of each child.

We believe when children are given the opportunity to grow up in a stable environment with a loving family; are encouraged, equipped and empowered to receive education; and receive spiritual and emotional guidance they will grow up to be fulfilled adults with the skills to raise their own healthy families.  Going beyond providing for their basic needs, we strive to equip and empower these children to break the chain of poverty.